Custom Made Kid™ Coloring Book
Custom Made Kid™ Coloring Book

Custom Made Kid™ Coloring Book

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Do you like to color? Well, we here at Custom Made Kid™ do, too!  The Custom Made Kid™ Coloring Book is a companion item to the Custom Made Kid™.

The Custom Made Kid™ children's book states, "It doesn't matter what we look like, how we talk, or the color of our skin..." and one reality we wanted to make sure to represent is there are no two journeys or family dynamics that are the same. 

As the well-known song "Jesus Loves The Little Children" states, "Red, brown, yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world." While the author originally wrote the book to describe her own family's journey, she also tried to reflect the world as God created it. Allcolors. All nationalities. So many wonderful differences worth embracing.

The Custom Made Kid™ Coloring Book was created to allow room for children (and adults!) to color and create a "custom made" book of their very own. We want everyone who purchases Custom Made Kid to be able to create a book that reflects their own personal journey and Custom Made family, whatever that looks like.

What matters most to God (and should matter most to us) is the fact every kid was created by Him to be celebrated, loved, and should be important to someone!

Please note that all proceeds from the sale of the Custom Made Kid items will be donated to the foundation.

Also, you can find this and more items on the Custom Made Kid Foundation link and purchase direct, so please go and explore the possibilities. 

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